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Six Reasons to Feature
The Hat Guys
in Your Festival in 2015

The Hat Guys are a Chicago-based band that plays popular, fun and danceable music ranging from the 1950s through the present. Styled after the soulful feel of a New Orleans second-line parade, The Hat Guys bring an awe-inspiring live music performance that is energetic, uplifting and unforgettable.

The Hat Guys have been taking the Chicagoland Festival scene by storm since 2008, averaging more than 20 Festivals per season. In 2013, we experienced a huge surge in popularity, and have performed at more than 30 Festivals in each of 2013 and 2014. The word has spread that The Hat Guys are one of Chicago's premiere Festival bands and we expect 2015 to be even better than 2013 and 2014.

There are six distinctive attributes that have accounted for our tremendous growth in popularity and appeal among Festival planners and audiences, all of which also make The Hat Guys ideal for your Festival:

  • Festival Experience – We are one of the premiere Festival bands in the Chicago area, having performed extensively at dozens of festivals and summer/fall concert series. During each of our 2013 and 2014 Festival seasons, we made more than 30 Festival appearances. Our Festival Resume and Photos testify to the energy and spirit that pervades a Hat Guys’ Festival performance.
  • Wide Appeal – Given the broad range of our music, our highly-adaptable theme and our family-friendly energy, we are an ideal choice for any Festival. We are not pigeon-holed into a specific musical genre or time period (see our Song List). This allows us to appeal to the diverse range of musical tastes among festival audiences. Our Festival Photos and Videos vividly illustrate how we engage and entertain Festival crowds of ALL ages.
  • Unrivaled Talent – The Hat Guys have been playing together for nearly a decade and we've been extremely busy for one simple reason: we are superb entertainers and people love our music. Although we focus on familiar and popular hit songs, our music has a palpably distinctive sound and feel, and we pride ourselves on our top-tier musicianship and work ethic. Through layered harmonies and a tight groove, The Hat Guys create a live musical experience that is unparalleled.
  • 100% Authentic – We play LIVE music, as it was intended to be played: LIVE, real and in the moment. We don't play to pre-recorded vocal or instrumental parts or embellish our live sound with backing tracks. Our music is open and improvisational, which allows us to interact with our audiences without missing a beat. All of the Audio Recordings and Videos on our website are LIVE and unmastered, so you know exactly what you're getting.
  • Selective Appearances – Because we only play a limited number of shows each year, we carefully select our shows to avoid over-exposure. As a result, we do not appear on the marquee of every festival in a given area every week of the summer. This allows us to maximize our drawing power, as it mitigates the tendency of festival-goers to forego “formulaic” festivals with “carbon-copy” musical line-ups.
  • Solid Value – These difficult economic times are placing substantial pressures on festival budgets. The Hat Guys are always competitive in our pricing to help you get the most entertainment value for your dollar.

We hope to have an opportunity to work with you this summer and to bring our music, talent and energy to your stage. We encourage you to take a few moments to listen to our audio tracks and watch our videos, using the players on the left side of this page, and to review our photos, our song list, and our Festival Resume.

Please consider us for your musical line up this summer and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. Thank you!

The Hat Guys


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